Korean No.1 psychology consultation



  • Korean largest psychology consultation Center

    Korea's one and only psychology institution with 70 centers around the nation with 1,000 specialists in each field.

  • Offering the most efficient consultation with the therapists from various field

    1 on 3 system that 3 specialists conduct the professional mentoring to 1 consultee during the psychology consultation + psychology test + psychology treatment. We are trying to improve the quality of consultation by researching/developing various programs such as 1-man multi program.

  • All for 1: customized consultation treatment system

    We made the professional consultation therapist group from each different field. We provide departmentalized consultation and treatment only in Korea.

The largest scale of psychology consultation institution in Korea,

retaining the best specialists

HUGMOM HUGIN a Korean No.1 psychology consultation center

HUGMOM·HUGIN network, No.1 psychology consultation center,

retains 1,000 Korean best psychologists.

According to the latest report from WHO, the balance-point of the healthy society can be obtained from

having 1 psychology consultant per 1,000 population.

Korean No.1

HUGMOM·HUGIN in the center for the healthy society.

HUGMOM·HUGIN operates based on the nationwide network with the centers that can consult / examine / treat individuals ranging from infants to adults.

Korean No.1

psychology consultation center HUGMOM HUGIN

Getting the media attention!

talent excavation team

Starring at episode for Han Seong Hyun belonging to top 0.01%, episode for Shin Hee Woong aged 8 who loves chemistry, episode for plant genius Park Byeong Joo

KBS Superman’s returned

What’s the twins test that SeoEun and SeoJun took? Disposition + Play Evaluation = Twins Test(tested on both children)

KBS Superman’s returned

SBS You Are My Destiny

History of broadcasting

KBS Superman’s returned, SBS talent excavation team, SBS morning wide, EBS education report, TV Chosun, TV Law firm, Law VS Law, News on KBS, SBS, and MBC. Also appearing on various programs.

Look around the center

HUGMOM HUGIN psychology consultation center’s

Information about consultation subjects.

Children psychology counseling / Hugmom recommended examination/ adult psychology counseling / psychology test / psychology treatment / learning consultation / company consultation(EAP)

CHILDRENcounseling program

  • Smart phone addiction
  • intellectual disability
  • pediatric depression
  • developmental disability
  • ADHD
  • child sexual violence
  • tic disorder
  • new semester syndrome

JUVENILEcounseling program

  • Test anxiety
  • social phobia
  • internet & game addiction
  • school inadaptability
  • school violence counseling
  • youth depression
  • family violence counseling
  • course counseling
  • Bullies
  • learning disability

ADULTcounseling program

  • Depression
  • interpersonal disability
  • stress
  • panic disorder
  • marital conflict
  • Addiction
  • wrath disease
  • trauma

The most popular test among them

HUGMOM recommended test’

New test that HUGMOMhas launched after preparing for a long time in commemoration of 4th anniversary!

Try understanding your child’s psychological state through Hugmom recommended test which is divided by age group.

  • 01

    Be strong tall Test

    Aged from 15 months to 6 years

    War on the table! Check out your child who refuses her meal. our child’s behavior can be seen differently in the eyes of the specialist.

  • 02

    ‘Mom’ Customized test

    Aged from 20 months to 6 years

    Test devised to examine the interaction between parents and child. Results will let you know some problems hindering your child’s development and solution.

  • 03

    ‘Child’ ‘Don’t care’ test

    from 6 year old to 6th grade

    Examine your child’s mind you haven’t known Inspect your child’s psychology and receive 1:1 customized rearing coaching.

  • 04

    Peer test

    from 4th grade to 6th grade

    Is my child doing well at school? Test your child’s personality, friendly relations, and character.

  • 05

    Tests dealing with adolescence problems

    From 4th grade to 12th grade

    Do you worry about your child in the adolescence? Check your child’s personality issues and their relationship with friends.

  • 06

    Tests for students in free-semester system

    From 6th grade to 11th grade

    For middle school and high school students and their parents who are worried about his/her academic performance during free-semester system.

Korean No.1 psychology consultation


  • The largest institution in Korea

    Korean largest-scale: 70 branches around the nation.

  • The most qualified experts in Korea

    More than 500 thousand consultation cases The number of visitors to our homepage is almost 4 million.

  • The best in Korea

    About 1,000 specialists of each field. Incomparable special consultation! Over 1,000 specialists of each field: consultation, test, and treatment.

Korean No.1 psychology consultation

				Has been awarded the grand prize 5 years
				in a row in the psychology section of 

				2018 Health Industry awards

				2014 ~ 2018

				HUGMOM, a child psychology counseling
				center has been awarded with the grand prize 5
				consecutive year on behalf of the psychology field
				at the health industry CEO meeting hosted
				by Korean Top specialist group.
				HUGMOM will be with you continuously.

Our society is Suffering from Various Psychological Problems


Depression Growth Rate over last 10 yrs


Panic Disorder Growth Rate over last 5 yrs


Internet Addiction Growth Rate over last 4 yrs


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The psychology counseling center HUGMOM is a psychology counseling center awarded the Korean health industry grand prize 5 years in a row only in the psychology field. Why don’t you experience the psychology consultation by HUGMOM now?